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Privacy Policy

The following includes a Fair Collection Notice under the definition of the Data Protection Act 1998

The church is essentially a relationship-based organisation. We will collect personal information only as necessary. We will store such information securely. We will use such information only for the purposes for which it was given. Everyone has the right to see all information we hold that pertains to them. We will correct information when asked. Subject to regulatory constraints we will delete information when asked to do so, or when it is no longer necessary.

We do not believe the Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies to us; though enquiries about personal information we may hold, should be directed to

This page contains privacy policies for:

Web Visitors

We do not collect personal information from visitors to this site.

Our computer programmes do automatically collect information about the computer used to connect to our web site. This information is limited to the operating system and web browser version used to view the pages, and the IP address, usually identifiable to your Internet Service Provider. It sometimes includes information about the page that was used to link to us, or which search engine was used to get to our site. The information is collected for every page viewed. This information is not attributable to you, and is used purely for tracking web site usage statistics. We delete it after 4 weeks.

We do not use tracking cookies or web-bugs

If you contact us, any personal information provided by you, will be used strictly for the purposes of responding to your enquiry and for no other purpose. We may keep your contact information for a reasonable period and may disclose it to individual church members who would be responsible for dealing with your enquiry where applicable. By providing personal information in whatever form, you consent to this.

It should be noted that the church is essentially a relationship-based organisation and that this Notice is not intended to apply to any personal relationships that may exist or in the future develop within the Church Community and separate from your original enquiry via this web site.

If you are not happy for us to contact you via email, please do not provide us with your email address, but contact us via another route.

Please do not provide us with information about another person unless you can confirm that they agree to the conditions of this Fair Collection Notice.

If you believe we are storing or using your personal information, and do not wish this to be used or wish us to stop using it, please contact us at

If you believe we have information about you that is wrong, please contact us at


Personal details provided by you as part of an Application for Church Membership or subsequently during your period of membership, will be kept by the officers or ministers of the church for as long as you remain a member and for a reasonable period thereafter.

It should be noted that the church is essentially a relationship-based organisation and that this Notice is not intended to apply to any personal relationships that may exist or develop within the Church Community, separate from your original enquiry via this web site.

Members and leaders of our churches and associated groups may be identified on this web site, though

If you believe your information, or that of another person, is published on our web site in error or without permission, please contact us at

Members who login (to access restricted documents etc.) will be asked for their login username and password. This information is compared with those versions stored on the web site, though in encrypted form in protected areas of the computer. We do not use cookies or other methods to track logged in members (which may mean you have to login multiple times if you access multiple restricted areas)

If you login and allow your browser to remember your password this is stored on your local computer. If you apply for a username and password we assume you give your permission for this information to be stored. If you do not wish this information to be stored do not apply for a login. If you have login information, and do not wish this to be used any longer, please contact us at


Young people, under the age of 18, will not be identified by name, telephone number, home or email address.

Young people, will not be shown in photographs unless we have written permission from a guardian.

Young people will not be identified in photographs (only as "young people of …church", or "young people of …club" etc.)

Web administrators

Those among you who are fortunate enough to be responsible for administering our web sites have your username, password and email contact information, stored by our Internet Service Provider. When you log in as an administrator your login information is held in a cookie on your computer, which makes you identifiable to our ISP. It is possible to clear the cookies once you have finished updating the site.

Date of Policy

This policy was approved by the Partnership Council on 2nd May 2007

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