Safe To Grow Policy

Contents and Overview

Policy Statement and Procedures Manual

revised 13 Nov 2007 Edition

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Contents and Overview (this page)
Policy Statement
Implementation & Training
Good Practice For The Whole Church)
Good Practice For Children’/Youth Workers
Good Practice For Excusions and Residential Trips
Good Practice For Transport
Selecting Children’s Workers & Advocates
Church Policy and Practice on Supervision
Definitions of abuse
Procedure if abuse is discovered or disclosed
Home Office Guidelines
Appendix 1-A Role Definitions
Appendix 1-B Adult/Child Ratios
Appendix 1-C Sites of Injury
Appendix 1-D Support & Contacts
Appendix 2-A Application Form
Appendix 2-B Reference Form
Appendix 2-D Volunteer Contract
Appendix 2-E Volunteer Declaration
Appendix 3 Medical Declaration Form
Appendix 3 Consent Form
Appendix 3 Exceptional Circumstance Report Form
Safe to Grow Certificate (not online)


This document is based on the Home Office publication, ‘Safe from Harm’ (1993), the Baptist Union publication, ‘Safe to Grow’ (1994), the Diocese of Bristol publication ‘Safe and Sound’, the Methodist Church Division of Education and Youth publication ‘Safeguarding Children and Young People’ (1995), and Swindon Youth for Christ’s ‘Guidelines for Work with and the Pastoral Care of Young People’ (1996).

The policy and procedures contained in this document apply throughout the Ecumenical Partnership of West Swindon and The Lydiards, with the precise intention of minimising the risk of abuse to children and young people; and of ensuring identification and appropriate action if abuse occurs, or is thought to occur.

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