Partnership Council


The Partnership Council (P.C.) acts on behalf of the partner churches in regulatory, oversight and governance roles. Members are nominated from the local churches, elected at the Partnership Annual General Meeting, and normally serve for one year

Regulatory function

The Partnership Council is responsible for all legal aspects of the partnership's work; Child Protection, Employment law, Health and Safety, Data Protection etc

The P.C. is the trustee body of the charity.

If this is you, (or may be you next year!) you might find these Charity Commission resources handy:

The Anglican Joint Parochial Church Council (PCC) delegates its activities to the Partnership Council.

PC normally meets 4-6 times a year, on a weekday evening.

Oversight function

We act in partnership with the Ministers across our partnership, and the local leadership teams and church committees, to help achieve our mission. The Christian community has a duty to worship God and to make disciples of all nations, in most cases this is best achieved locally; in service to our community we often work best together, the P.C. organises our resources. We organise joint meetings and services for the benefit of us all.

The P.C. endorses the appointment of governors to our local Church Schools.

Apart from our essential administrative groups, we support cross-partnership work in running youth groups, a primary school team, and children and families ministry through our Messy Church.

Governance function

The P.C. is responsible for relationships and partnerships with our Parent denominations - the wider church, and for working in partnership with other local churches.

The Partnership holds a membership roll in common, we budget our resources across all the partner churches, and we have a single partnership office hosted by Holy Trinity Church, at Shaw village centre

We take responsibility for external communications and are responsible for this website and its content - the workmanship is that of the Web Site Team


Current members of the P.C.

Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke
Holy Trinity, Shaw
Trevor Day

Rev. Trevor Day
Assistant Minister
Clive Deverell

Rev. Clive Deverell
Lead Minister
Gerald England

Rev Gerald England
URC Synod Pastoral Adviser

Pete Gilder

Jacqueline Kirwan
St Mary's Lydiard Tregoze
Mary Poole

Mary Poole
Messy Church
Pam Ray

Pam Ray
Chris Scarisbrick

Chris Scarisbrick
Pat Watson

Pat Watson
St Mary's Lydiard Tregoze

Rev Rachael Wilson

Holy Trinity - Shaw
Holy Trinity
St Mary's - Lydiard Tregoze
St Mary’s
Lydiard Tregoze
Toothill Church
Westlea Church

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