West Swindon and Lydiard Tregoze Church Partnership

Constitution Schedule

Relationship with the Participating Denominations

23) The Trustees shall be the equivalent of:

24) In the case of the Church of England, care should be taken to ensure that, as far as possible, the membership of the parochial church council is included in the membership of the Trustees.

25) The LEP shall maintain a proper relationship to the appropriate local and regional bodies of the Participating Denominations, fulfilling necessary constitutional requirements. These bodies are:

26) To that end, meetings of the members of the LEP affiliated to a particular Participating Denomination (as opposed to meetings of the members of the LEP) may be held in order to meet the constitutional requirements of the Participating Denomination concerned.

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Holy Trinity - Shaw
Holy Trinity
St Mary's - Lydiard Tregoze
St Mary’s
Lydiard Tregoze
Toothill Church
Westlea Church

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