West Swindon and Lydiard Tregoze Church Partnership

Constitution - commentary


18) The procedures of the relevant Participating Denominations shall be followed in the appointment/call of ministers. Recognising, however, the importance of continuity, the LEP expects that those responsible for the appointment/call of ministers shall select persons who will respect and develop the ecumenical character of the LEP. To that end, when it is expected that a minister or member of the ministry team serving the LEP may leave, or before any major changes in the responsibility of the minister presently in post are considered, or if additions to the ministry team are being contemplated, the agreed procedure of the Sponsoring Body shall be followed.

In accordance with CTE Constitution Guidelines a Staffing Consultative Group shall be consulted on the appointment of Ordained Clergy to the Staff Team. It shall also be consulted on other strategic staffing issues for the Partnership. The Group shall comprise :

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Holy Trinity
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St Mary’s
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