West Swindon and Lydiard Tregoze Church Partnership

Declaration of Intent

D5. The Mission We Share

Because the unity of God’s People was at the centre of Jesus’ passion, we wish to work and pray towards achieving this unity in partnership too. This spirit of unity is a gift from God that we intend to celebrate in worship and fellowship, to the glory of God (Rom 15:5). But above all, we desire that this unity will enable more effective Mission amongst the people of West Swindon and Lydiard Tregoze.

We pray that God’s Spirit will pour out upon us this spirit of love and unity, and empower us as we strive to make it visible to all (Eph 4:3). We will seek not only the best interests of all of the five partnership churches, but also try to build God’s Kingdom in a selfless manner with the other churches of our district (Phil 2:4). We commit ourselves to all play our part in this mission, as equal members of the ‘priesthood of all believers’.

We affirm, together with Churches Together in England, that our understanding of the practical outworking of our shared Mission is

We will translate these ideals into an Annual Action Plan, which will set forward achievable objectives for each Year. These will be formulated at our Partnership Annual General Meeting, and will be rigorously reviewed there.

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