Partnership Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

The Members of the Ecumenical Partnership of West Swindon and the Lydiards believe that all people are equally loved and accepted by God.

We believe that all people should have an equal opportunity to experience the love of God, to grow spiritually, and to participate in worship and share fully in the life of the Church.

Therefore we are committed to:

  1. Enabling people to participate in worship by ensuring we are prepared for, and are providing for the varying needs of the population.
  2. Enabling people of all ability and disability to share and develop their gifts and abilities within the church and community.
  3. Endeavouring to support disabled people, their families and carers through the church's pastoral work.
  4. Ensuring that churches are aware of their responsibility to make their premises accessible to all people, whilst acknowledging the limitations of some existing premises.
  5. Seeking to be aware of the special needs of disabled people and their carers through consultation with them and through contact with groups in the community.

Office Access

The Partnership Office is situated on the first floor at Holy Trinity Church, Shaw. It is only accessible up a steep flight of narrow stairs. Should access to the Partnership Office be required by someone who would find it difficult to climb the stairs, then that person will be received on the ground floor in an appropriate place and any needs of copying etc will be carried out for them.

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Date of Policy

This policy was originally approved by Partnership Council in November 2003, and last endorsed by the Partnership Annual General Meeting on 26 March 2011

Holy Trinity - Shaw
Holy Trinity
St Mary's - Lydiard Tregoze
St Mary’s
Lydiard Tregoze
Toothill Church
Westlea Church

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