Safe To Grow Policy

Appendix 1-D Support & Contacts for Good Practice

Taken from Section 6 of Good Practice � Safeguarding Children and Young People in the Church The United Reformed Church 3rd edition May 2004. From


Many denominations have their own guidelines, policies and helpful leaflets/packs. This is not because those responsible do not work closely together but because our various structures, understanding of accountability and disciplinary procedures differ.

A number of churches are linked together under the Churches’ Agency for Safeguarding as an Umbrella Body for the use of the Criminal Records Bureau.

Key Legislation:

Sources of further Information:

Practical help:

Resource books:


Useful organisations:

Employment guides:

Training materials:

First Aid Courses:

New materials and policy developments are always highlighted in

URCHINUnited Reformed CHildren�s Information Network (�5.00 for 3 issues - March/July/November) United Reformed Church House, Youth and Children�s Work Office, 86 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9 RT (020 7916 8683) Email:

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