West Swindon and The Lydiards Church Partnership


A1. Glossary of Terms.

Glossary of terms used in the Constitution Draft 11.0 (February 2008)

A work in progress, may be obsolete, may change without warning

Affirmation of Baptismal Faith
An affirmation, in a public act of worship, by someone already baptised and/or confirmed, of their commitment to follow Jesus Christ and to walk in the life of the Sprirt
Episcopal churches spread from the Church of England
Annual Action Plan.
A plan agreed by the Partnership Council, setting out key activities and priorities for the coming year.
Someone baptised when able to make a confession of faith for themselves, and who is a member of a Baptist Church (whether affiliated to the Baptist Union, or otherwise)
Baptism; baptised.
The rite, or part of a rite, of entry into the wider Church of Christ. We recognise several styles of such celebration.

Confirmation. forms the other part of the rite of entry into the wider Church. (See also Confirmation, Dedication, Infant Thanksgiving)

Baptist Union.
The Union of independent Baptist Churches
Canons of the Church of England; Canon Law.
The body of rules or laws developed by the Church of England as promulgated by the General Synod, and applied to matters of internal organisation, discipline and belief
Church Council.
The term used by the Methodist Church for a meeting of all local church members, being the principal representative and decision making body of the church (see Church Meeting, PCC)
Church Meeting.
The term used by the Baptist and United Reformed Churches for a meeting of all local church members, being the principal representative and decision making body of the church (see Church Council, PCC)
Church of England.
The established church in England
Church Partnership.
See Partnership
Churches Together in England (CTE).
Churches Together in England is a national body in England. It is a visible sign of the Churches' commitment as they seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another, and proclaim the Gospel together by common witness and service. Its strength comes from people from different traditions finding new ways to work and worship together
The celebratory meal where we re-enact and re-live the last supper of Jesus with his disciples. Also known as The Lord’s Supper, Eucharist, and Holy Communion
A rite of entry into the wider Church of Christ where an infant baptism has already taken place
See Partnership Council
As defined in the Declaration of Intent D6 para 1, a document to be signed by our Parent Bodies' church leaders and representatives of our Partnership. It is renewed at the Annual Covenant Service.
Declaration of Intent.
Explanation of the background and justification to the Constitution. Our Covenant between our churches and with the people of our area
A celebration of the life of a child and a commitment by their parents to raise the child into the Christian faith, with a special prayer of dedication and blessing offered for the child, such that he/she will wish to make his/her own profession of faith at a later date.
One of the 4 Denominational Bodies, namely Church of England, Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and Baptist Union, who are the parties involved in the Partnership
Denominational Body/Authority.
Any one of the Parent Bodies which oversee the Partnership, and which provide Staff and buildings for the Partnership
Seeking to grow religious unity by cooperation between denominations of the Christian faith (Ref Wikipedia “Ecumenism”)
Within the Baptist and United Reformed Church traditions, the church officers who have collective authority and oversight of church members
Electoral Roll.
The list of baptised Church of England members aged 16 or over, resident in the Parish (or regularly attending worship in the Parish), and who have made an application for enrolment, accepted by the Local Church Committee and the Annual General Meeting
Extended Membership.

Individual membership of one of the participating denominations where recognised as membership of each of the other participating denominations .

Extended membership continues for as long as the member remains within the partnership

Faculty jurisdiction is the planning procedure which protects Church of England churches, their contents and churchyards. Faculty Petitions (for alterations, repairs and extensions etc) are approved by the Diocesan Chancellor.
Holy Communion.
See Communion.
Infant Thanksgiving.
A celebration of the life of a child, and where the Local Church promises to support the parents in raising the child. Where the parents specifically request, this may be followed by Baptism
Joint Council.
A council established through a Sharing Agreement to consider matters relating to its practical operation
Lay Minister.
(previously known as Lay Reader)

In The Church of England, a person nominated by a Minister and the PCC, accepted, trained and licensed by the Diocese of Bristol. A Lay Minister undertakes a range of duties in acts of worship and elsewhere in church life

Lay Preacher.
In the United Reformed Church a person authorised to conduct worship and preach at services. May be accredited either locally or nationally
Local Preacher.
In the Methodist Church a person authorised to conduct worship and preach at services
Local Church.
One of the communities within the Partnership - which holds regular worship services; has its own structure of authority and responsibility; and maintains a register of members
Local Church Annual Meeting (LCAM).
The meeting of a Local Church where accounts and reports as required by the Partnership are presented and approved
Local Church Committee (LCC).
The local leadership team, which guides and oversees the activities of a Local Church. The Committee is responsible for the activities delegated to it by the Partnership Council, including financial administration, upkeep of buildings, and other legislative commitments
Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP).
A partnership of Churches, where there is a formal written agreement affecting the ministry, congregational life, buildings and/or mission projects; and a recognition of that agreement by the Sponsoring Body and the appropriate denominational authorities (See also Single Congregation LEP)
Member, Membership.
All those who meet the requirements for membership and who are listed as members of one of the Local Churches (see also Multiple Member)
Methodist Church.
The central body that represents the majority of Methodist Churches in England
Methodist Circuit.
A group of Methodist Churches that share Ministry. In our case we are members of the Upper Thames Circuit of the Bristol District.
Minister in Pastoral Charge.
The person (ordained or lay) who is appointed by the Council in consultation with the Sponsoring Body to exercise leadership of a Local Church, in collaboration with the Local Church Committee.
Multiple Member.
A member of the Partnership who has been baptised and/or confirmed by representatives of all the Parent Bodies, in a joint service. That person is regarded, within the Partnership, as a member of all Parent Bodies
Parent Body.
One of the Denominational Bodies under whose auspices the Partnership operates
Parochial Church Council (PCC).
Exercises governance where actions are required by Anglican Canon Law (see Church Council, Church Meeting)
The Local Ecumenical Partnership defined in this Constitution
Partnership Annual General Meeting (PAGM).
The open meeting of the Partnership where accounts and reports as required by Parent Bodies and other legislation are approved
Partnership Council (PC), the Council.
The body which oversees the activities of the Partnership; it may delegate some of its responsibilities to committees and Local Churches
See Lay Minister
Register of Members.
The list of current members of the Partnership, a composite list of members of each of the Local Churches
Register of Baptisms.
The list of those baptised, both of children and those professing faith for themselves, a composite of those lists from each of the Local Churches
Register of Dedications.
The list of dedicated children, a composite of those lists from each of the Local Churches
Register of Thanksgivings.
The list of children for whom thanksgiving services have been held, a composite of those lists from each of the Local Churches
Renewal of baptismal faith.
Sharing Agreement.
A legal agreement entered into under The Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969, which defines shared ownership and responsibilities for a building which is used within a Local Ecumenical Partnership for the benefit of more than one Parent Body or Denominational Body. See also Joint Council.
Shared Building.
A building which is owned by one or more of the Denominational Bodies or their relevant Trusts, and which is subject to a Sharing Agreement
Single Congregation Partnership.
A category of Local Ecumenical Partnership where there is a formal written agreement affecting the ministry, congregational life, buildings and/or mission projects of more than one denomination; and a recognition of that agreement by the Sponsoring Body and the appropriate denominational authorities. This form of Partnership recognises one joint congregation with shared sacramental ministry and a common purse, but may include more than one worship centre and a variety of styles of worship.
Special General Meeting.
A special open meeting (or extraordinary meeting) of all members of the Partnership, held between Annual General Meetings to transact specific business. Further details are found in the Standing Orders.
Sponsoring Body.
The local Ecumenical Body responsible for oversight of all Local Ecumenical Partnerships within a geographical area. In the case of this Partnership it is the Swindon Churches Together Sponsoring Body
Staff, Staff Team.
Those who are duly approved by or recognised by the Parent Bodies for ministry within and beyond the Partnership; and those who are appointed by the Partnership Council to serve only within the Partnership
Staffing Consultative Group.
A group appointed as required, to undertake a local consultative role with the Parent Bodies, concerning the appointment of new ordained Staff, taking account of ecumenical balance; and to oversee reviews of Staff
Standing Orders.
The protocols which set out how the Constitution is implemented in practical terms; and which can be amended by the Partnership Council without explicit approval of the Parent Bodies
Swindon Churches Together.
The intermediate body of Churches Together in England, which coordinates inter-church and ecumenical activities in the Swindon Area
See Infant Thanksgiving
The basis of Christian understanding of the inner nature of the Godhead – as Father, Son and Holy Spirit
United Reformed Church.
The body that oversees all United Reformed Churches in England, Wales and Scotland.

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