West Swindon and The Lydiards Church Partnership

Declaration of Intent

D6. Our Covenant

We intend that our growing unity of vision, values, theology and mission be expressed in a Covenant, which we will make between ourselves and God. Our Local Covenant will express our ‘significant mutual commitment under God for our mutually discerned and agreed purposes’ (CTE)

The Scriptures narrate a series of Covenants through the Old Testament, notably with Noah (Genesis 9), Abraham (Genesis 15 and 17), Moses (Exodus 19-24) and David (2 Samuel 5). These Covenants reach their final fulfilment in the New Covenant inaugurated through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. We are called to be mediators of this New Covenant, sealed through the Spirit and expressed in the Lordís Supper.

During 2003 Anglicans and Methodists signed a national covenant - ‘a major commitment to work together, at every level of church life, in all ways that now become appropriate, and strive to overcome all remaining obstacles to further and fuller forms of visible unity’ (Preface to Covenant p.vi). We wish to include all four of our denominational traditions in our covenantal process.

In addition we wish to include as part of this Covenant a commitment to all the peoples of West Swindon & The Lydiards. This will recognise that God has made unconditional Covenants with his creation (Genesis 9 & Genesis 15 , Numbers 25, 2 Samuel 7, Jeremiah 31), and so we must follow that model in our dealings with others.

We wish this Covenant to be signed by our Partnership Leaders, and also by our Denominational Leaders at a special Covenant Service. We will then celebrate the Covenant at an Annual Covenant Renewal Service - looking back to achievements, and forward to challenges in the future to which we specifically commit ourselves.

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