West Swindon and The Lydiards Church Partnership


1. Name

1.1 The Local Ecumenical Partnership shall be known as West Swindon and the Lydiards Church Partnership, with additional subtext ‘Covenanted together for mission.’ It shall be constituted as a Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnership within the guidelines of Churches Together in England.

The Local Churches are listed in the Declaration of Intent above (The Covenant).

1.2 As Churches within the Local Ecumenical Partnership, the Denominations and Parent Bodies recognise each of the Local Churches as

1.3 Each of the Local Churches in the Partnership functions as an Ecumenical Church, supporting worship practices of the four Denominations. Each of the Churches operates with its own local governance and subsidiary financial roles, although Parent Body costs are met centrally.

For staff appointments and other matters of liaison with Parent Bodies, the Partnership acts as a single entity.

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