West Swindon and Lydiard Tregoze Church Partnership


Dissolution of Charity

57) The Charity may be dissolved only with the approval of the Sponsoring Body, and the appropriate authority of each of the Participating Denominations.

58) If the members resolve to dissolve the Charity the Trustees will remain in office as charity trustees and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Charity in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

59) The Trustees must collect in all the assets of the Charity and must pay or make provision for all the liabilities of the Charity.

60) The Trustees must apply any remaining property or money:

61) The Members may pass a resolution before or at the same time as the resolution to dissolve the Charity specifying the manner in which the Trustees are to apply the remaining property or assets of the Charity, in which event the Trustees must comply with the resolution if it is consistent with clause 60.

62) In no circumstances shall the net assets of the Charity be paid to or distributed among the members of the Charity.

63) The Trustees must notify the Charity Commission promptly that the Charity has been dissolved. If the Trustees are obliged to send the Charity's accounts to the Commission for the accounting period which ended before its dissolution, they must send the Charity Commission the Charity's final accounts.

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