West Swindon and Lydiard Tregoze Church Partnership

Constitution Schedule


14) The LEP shall respect the faith and practice of each of the Participating Denominations. Worship shall safeguard and present the doctrines, practices, traditions and developing traditions of each of the Participating Denominations and be conducted in accordance with denominational practices and/or using rites adopted by the Sponsoring Body. A balanced and varied pattern of worship shall be aimed for in order to maximise the riches of each tradition and to enable the congregation to explore and express its ecumenical life and aspiration, while at the same time ensuring that worship is accessible and sustaining for all its members. Ordained priests, ministers or other duly authorised persons shall preside at the Eucharist as permitted by the rules of the relevant Participating Denomination.

15) The authorisations of each Participating Denomination apply to that denomination's services.

16) All those recognised as communicants by the Participating Denominations may receive the sacrament. In arranging services encouragement shall be given to the participation of the whole congregation, especially Lay/Local Preachers, Readers, and others authorised as leaders of worship or as preachers.

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