Safe To Grow Policy

Procedure if Abuse is Discovered or Disclosed

Possible Signs of Abuse

The following may indicate abuse, but do not jump to conclusions. There could be other explanations.


unexplained or hidden injuries, lack of medical attention (See Appendix 1 - C)


reverting to younger behaviour, nervousness, stealing, lying, sudden underachievement, attention seeking, running away; may be frightened by threats or taunts, or are given responsibilities beyond their years.


preoccupation with sexual matters evident in words, play, drawings; being sexually provocative with adults; disturbed sleep, nightmares, bedwetting, secretive relationships with adults.


looking iII -cared for and unhappy, being withdrawn or aggressive; having lingering injuries or health problems.


where an adult with spiritual authority uses that authority to coerce

Where there is clear evidence of abuse:

In an emergency involving a child protection issue ring one of the following statutory child protection agencies:

The Police999 or 01793 528111
Social Services Children�s Intake (Office hours only)01793 463000
Child Protection Officer � Diocese of Bristol0844 892 0104
NSPCC0800 800500
Childline0800 1111
Vulnerable Adults Unit01793 507828

The following is a summary, for reference only and is no substitute for training.

When talking with a child:

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