Safe To Grow Policy

Home Office Guidelines

In order to safeguard the welfare of the children and young people in their charge, voluntary organisations should consider the issues raised by each of the following statements of principles and then, if they wish to do so, take any action which they deem to be appropriate in the light of their circumstances, structures and the nature of their activities.

  1. Adopt a policy statement on safe guarding the welfare of children.
  2. Plan the work of the organisation so as to minimise situations where abuse of children may occur.
  3. Introduce a system whereby children may talk with an independent person.
  4. Apply agreed procedures for protecting children to all paid staff and volunteers.
  5. Give paid and volunteers clear roles.
  6. Use supervision as a means of protecting children
  7. Treat all would-be paid staff and volunteers as job applicants for any position involving contact with children.
  8. Gain at least one reference from a person who has experience of the applicants paid work or volunteering with children.
  9. Explore all applicants' experience of working or contact with children in an interview before appointment.
  10. Find out whether an applicant has any conviction for criminal offences against children.
  11. Make paid and voluntary appointments conditional on the successful completion of a probationary period.
  12. Issue guidelines on how to deal with the disclosure or discovery of abuse.
  13. Train paid staff and volunteers, their line managers or supervisors, and policy makers in the prevention of child abuse.

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