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In Partnership, June 2017

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A good story.

Do you recognise the following story?

A son has been given a kingdom to inherit and look after, but told by his Father that he must stay within certain boundaries the Father sets. Not understanding that the Father does this out of love for him, the son gives into temptation and believes the lies of a jealous enemy which lead him to explore the ‘forbidden territory’. This experience would have resulted in his death, but for the dangerous rescue mission performed by his Father – who himself dies in the act.

Following this, the son (who believes there is no way back for him to his former position of honour) runs away; distancing himself from all that belonged to him and seeks a new way of life in unfamiliar territory. The life he now lives is without purpose, meaning or concern for others. The call of his destiny as the Father's son lies dormant within him, until one day a messenger from his former home arrives to remind him of his calling and to let him know that all is forgiven. He is told that he can now return and take up his rightful inheritance in the Father's Kingdom – indeed he must. After much encouragement and support, the son decides to return; upon which he has to confront and defeat his ‘demons’ of fear and guilt once and for all before he finally assumes his place in the kingdom.

Can you guess what the story is? Perhaps the story of Adam's Fall in the garden of Eden through to Christ's redemption of all mankind, fought and won in the Garden of Gethsemane? Is it our story as sinful, redeemed men and women of Christ? Yes it is both these, but did you know that this is also the story line of ‘The Lion King’, the popular Disney film and subsequently West End musical? I had not realised this (although I watched it with my children in the 1990s) until just recently when we began to use it with our ‘emerge’ special needs youth groups in the partnership leading up to Easter. What a wonderful way to explore the Christian narrative!

This is what I love about being a Youth Missioner: I am constantly being challenged to seek new ways of sharing the story of our faith relevantly with the young people; and in so doing I find my own understanding renewed and refreshed. The Holy Spirit is constantly moving and leading us to see and understand Jesus' love in new ways.

Jesus used stories (parables) all the time in his ministry to teach spiritual truths in ways which his listeners could relate to and understand. As Christians we are called to share the riches of God's love in Jesus with those who don’t know him; perhaps we could try using stories we know from film, books, TV or the news.

On Saturday June 10th you can come and see a performance of ‘The Lion King’ which some of our young people have been working on this term – you may even meet Jesus!

Thanks for your prayers


The Lion King. Sat 10 June 4-5pm, Shaw Church.
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Regular activities.

EventTime, @Venue
2nd Sunday each month
Messy Church11 June 4-5:30pm @Shaw
Every Monday
After School Youth Group3:30 - 6:00 pm @ Holy Trinity Shaw
Bell ringing7-9pm, St Mary’s Bell Tower
2nd Wednesday of each month
Mothers Union14 June. 2pm @St Mary's Stable Room
Every Thursday
Toothill Tinies10-11:30am @Toothill

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Icthus Trail. Thursday 27 July, 10-3.

Cross and Fish symbol

‘The Ichthus Trail’ an Activity Day for Primary Aged Children at St Mary's Church on Thursday 27th July 10-3pm.

We will need a wonderful team of volunteers to work with the children. Please let me know if you are able to help.

Please pray for this fun and exciting day.

With kindest regards


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Strawberry Tea. Every Sunday afternoon 4 June - 7 July
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4 June Pentecost.

A day that changed history

People call it ‘Whitsun’ because once upon a time it was a day for wearing white and going on church processions. The church, however, calls it ‘Pentecost’ and it's on June 4th this year. It is a crucial date in the Church calendar – in some ways the birthday of Christianity as we know it.

After the crucifixion the followers of Jesus took to meeting in an ‘upper room’ in Jerusalem, with the doors locked ‘for fear of the Jewish authorities’. It was here that the risen Christ appeared to them several times, as well as on a few occasions in other locations when they ventured out. Eventually He told them that He was ‘going back to the Father’, but that they should stay in the city until they received the spiritual resources to do the job for which He had called them – to take His message to the world. They did as they were told, about 120 men and women, Luke tells us, including the mother of Jesus.

Then it happened, on the Jewish feast of Shavuot, which was 50 days after the Passover. Pentecost was a spiritual experience which transformed their lives. Emboldened, they emerged from the upper room and started preaching on the city streets. They continued to do so even when ordered to stop. What had happened to bring about this transformation? The answer was two words: Holy Spirit. If that sounds very elusive and vague, think of it in its basic meaning in the Greek of the New Testament: Breath – the very source of life itself, the most precious gift of God. At Pentecost the handful of believers were brought to new life because the Holy Spirit of God breathed upon them. The Church was born. Two thousand people were baptised. Wimps became witnesses!

Late for church

A little girl, dressed in her Sunday best, was running as fast as she could, trying not to be late for church. As she ran she prayed, “Dear Lord, please don't let me be late! Dear Lord, please don't let me be late!”

While she was running and praying, she tripped on a curb and fell, getting her clothes dirty and tearing her dress. She got up, brushed herself off, and started running again. As she ran she once again began to pray, “Dear Lord, please don't let me be late… But please don't shove me either!”

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A letter from the Archbishops
A letter from the Archbishops page 2
A letter from the Archbishops page 3
Robed vicar inside a bag at charity clothing donations centre. It's most kind of the church to donate these things, but I wish they'd check there wasn't anything left inside, first
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Church Services in the Partnership.

St Mary’s, Lydiard Tregoze.

4 June10:00 amPartnership Pentecost Service followed by Baptism
11 June10:00 amCommunion followed by Baptism
18 June10:00 amFamily Service
25 June10:00 amCommunion followed by Baptism
5:00 pmPartnership Prayer and Praise


4 June10:00 amPartnership Pentecost Service at St Marys
Wed 7 June11:30 amMidweek Worship
11 June10:30 amCommunion
Wed 14 June11:30 amMidweek Communion
18 June10:30 amMorning Service
Wed 21 June11:30 amMidweek Worship
25 June10:30 amMorning Service
Wed 28 June11:30 amMidweek Communion


4 June10:00 amPartnership Pentecost Service at St Marys
11 June10:00 amFamily Service
18 June10:00 am>Communion
25 June10:00 am>All Age Service

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Holy Trinity Shaw.

4 June10:00 amPartnership Pentecost Service at St Marys
11 June10:30 amAll Age Service
4.00 pmMessy Church
18 June10:30 amMS &
25 June10:30 amAll Age followed by Baptism
8:45am Morning Prayer on Fridays during term time

Ecumenical confirmation. Thursday 15 June 2017 at Toothill, 7:00 pm

Partnership Prayer and Praise.

Sunday 25 June 2017

Fellowship time: 4:15pm in the Stable Room

Refreshments will be served before the service at

5:00 pm in St Mary's Lydiard Tregoze

“Hymns and Songs inspired by Pauls first letter to the church in Corinth”

All are welcome

This is an opportunity to Pray and Praise together

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Wisdom for Living.

The Bishop of Swindon, Rt Rev Dr Lee Rayfield

There is an early morning radio show which I tune into that has a daily feature called ‘Wiltshire Words of Wisdom’. The item involves a listener sharing a favourite and pithy guide for life.

Words of wisdom, whether from Wiltshire or elsewhere, are essentially proverbs or axioms which capture reflections on life which have stood the test of time. They can prove significant reference points for good decision-making.

Jesus of Nazareth was a master of proverb and axiom, sprinkling them liberally in his speaking and teaching. But Jesus also used parables, a related but rather different animal. Phrases associated with Jesus' parables have not only entered our vocabulary but our collective imagination in The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son, to name two. He used parables to cast fresh light on attitudes and behaviours. The most memorable were simple stories which left his hearers turning over the meaning in their heads or reacting strongly because they understood it too well. “Go figure” was the watchword.

One of my favourite parables is about workers in a vineyard (Matthew 20). Jesus tells of a landowner sending out the foreman to gather labourers from the marketplace at the beginning of the day; they are told they will receive a day's wages (a denarius) for their work. At various times during the day the foreman is told to round up some more workers with the promise they will be paid whatever is right. As everyone queues to receive their wage, the first group is labourers who have worked for only one hour. Remarkably they are given a full day's pay, raising the expectations of the others as to what they will receive. Yet every person in each group gets the same - a denarius - no matter how long they had worked. As you might imagine this did not go down well with the workers who had toiled all day. In response to grumbling the vineyard owner pointed out he had paid what he promised and it was his prerogative to be generous.

This parable can generate heat today; imagine what shop stewards would say in a comparable situation! Nevertheless, it invites reflection on the way generosity can provoke dissension and hostility rather than be rejoiced over.

Just as a Wiltshire word of wisdom rolled in and out of my thinking, so Jesus' parables invited his listeners to reappraise their attitudes and assumptions, particularly in relation to the way in which Jesus lived out his teaching. For the early Christian community, this embodiment of man and message came together as they recognised that Jesus was not simply the bearer of a word of wisdom from God – he was The Word and The Wisdom of God - the Word made flesh as the opening to John's gospel describes Jesus. It is a wisdom which met suspicion, derision and rejection from the outset. Yet wisdom is proved right by her actions. I wonder who said that.

Read Bishop Lee’s full article at

11 June Trinity Sunday.

trinity Sunday is this month (11th June). The idea of One God in three Persons is not easy to get our heads around. CS Lewis was right in saying that we have to understand the doctrine in relational terms. So why is the Trinity so important for us?

First, the Trinity provides us with a model of community. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit relate to one another in love and work together to accomplish God's purpose in the world. At His baptism, Jesus the Son is obedient to His Father's purpose, who declares His approval and the Spirit anoints Jesus for ministry.

Secondly, we find our mission in the Trinity. As the Father sent His Son into the world, so Jesus sends us out to do the Father's work, equipped by the Spirit of God.

All three persons of the Godhead are at work in our lives and church, as well as in the world around. If we live with a renewed awareness of the Trinity, our spiritual lives will take on a new vitality and urgency.

Symbols of the Godhead, a Crown, a Tree and a Dove
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Celebrating our 999 service.

The 999 emergency service was introduced 80 years ago this month – on 30th June 1937, in the London area only.

It was the first service of its kind in the world, and a notice in the Evening News suggested that the public should use it only if “the man in the flat next to yours is murdering his wife, or you have seen a heavily masked cat burglar peering round the stack pipe of the local bank building”.

For less urgent matters, such as a lorry coming to rest in their garden, people were advised to “just call up the local police”.

The first call resulted in the arrest of a would-be burglar, but not all were so serious. Of 1336 calls made in the first week, 91 were prank calls.

One of the more unexpected results of the 999 service was its effect on telephone switch-rooms, where a “raucous buzzer” sounded when someone dialled 999. It was reported that “a few of the girls found the situation too much and had to be carried out”.

Despite that, 999 was a big success, but it wasn't until after World War Two that it reached most other parts of the UK. It became available to the entire country only when all the telephone exchanges were automated in 1976.

The idea for an emergency number came after operators couldn't be reached to alert the fire brigade to a fire that killed five women in London's Wimpole Street in 1935. The number 999 was chosen because it was easy to dial, even in the dark, on old-style phones. The US waited until 1968 to introduce its own emergency number, 911.

More than half of genuine 999 calls ask for police assistance. The next most requested is the ambulance service, followed by the fire brigade and, finally, the coastguard.

Some churches have used the idea of an emergency service for people in need of various kinds of help – though in those cases the number 999 is replaced by a series of Scriptural references.

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30 days with James 11 June to 2 July
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I Want a Friend.

I want a friend

By Anne Booth, Amy Proud.

Lion Childrens. £6.99

‘I want a friend,’ said Arthur, ‘I want a friend right now. I want to make one RIGHT AWAY. But I am not sure how.’ Join Arthur at nursery school in his determined search for a friend - could he dig a hole to trap one, or catch one in a net? His ideas don't seem to be going to plan, but then Lily appears and he is soon having lots of fun and playtime friendship. An enchanting read for youngsters.

Election Hustings.

Thursday 1 June 2017

Immanuel Church, Upham Road

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Do you want to find out what your parliamentary candidates think? Or ask them a question?

A question time for South Swindon candidates will be held on Thursday 1st June at Immanuel Church Upham Road, SN3 1DH; doors open at 6.45pm; hustings start at 7.30pm – 9.00pm. Questions will be invited in writing as people arrive and should be received by 7.15pm.

Tony Vino, Live at St Augustine's.

Saturday 17 June at 6.30pm

St Augustine's Church, Summers Street, Rodbourne.

Tickets: £15 (Children £5)

Includes a welcome drink/canapes, buffet and five raffle tickets

Further drinks will be available on the night for a donation.

Tickets from the church, by calling 07776 458278 or by reservation at

Proceeds towards the St Augustine's Church Restoration Fund

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Christian Vision for Men.

The Gathering

Lynt Farm SN6 7QZ

From £86 per person

23rd – 25th June 2017

Bookings are now being taken for The Gathering (Christian Vision for Men) to be held 23rd – 25th June 2017. The comedian, Tim Vine, will be in attendance this year alongside Graham Kendrick and many other well-known names.

To Book call 01246 452483


Salome is a streamed NT (National theatre) Live to Cineworld cinemas on Thursday 22nd June 19.00hrs. If you have never been to a live streaming at the cinema it is well worth doing.

You can buy tickets from Cineworld, or on line at 

This play is described as -

The story has been told before, but never like this. An occupied desert nation, a radical from the wilderness on hunger strike, a girl whose mysterious dance will change the course of the world.

This charged retelling turns the infamous biblical tale on its head, placing the girl we call Salome at the centre of a revolution.

Internationally acclaimed theatre director Yael Farber (Les Blancs) draws on multiple accounts to create her urgent, hypnotic production which will be broadcast live from the stage of the national theatre.

New Wine.

United 2017: Week 1- £150

Saturday 22 July 2017 9:00 to Friday 28 July 2017 23:00

Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet|

United 2017: Week 2 - £150

Sunday 30 July 2017 9:00 to Saturday 05 August 2017 23:00

Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet


Day tickets are available, for more information please visit

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All Things Bright and Beautiful. An evening of music and poetry. Sat 15 July, St Marys 7:30
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From the Registers.

14 May 2017Sebastian Alexander Young
28 May 2017Lena Olari Keil
20 May 2017Rhys Peter Clifford Owen and Jordan Sian Demi Edwards


All those who are candidates to be members of parliament

The Lion King event on 10 June

Week beginning 4.06.17 - St Marys Rodbourne Cheney

Week beginning 11.06.17 - Emmanuel URC

Week beginning 18.06.17 - St Andrews Moredon Methodist Church

Week beginning 25.06.17 - St Marys Roman Catholic Rodbourne Cheney

Thank You.

Thank you to so many for the wonderful weekend celebrating 40 years playing the organ in Toothill. A lovely Saturday afternoon of Cake and Music with friends then flowers, a Certificate and prayer with more friends in church on Sunday, and lots of encouraging email and Facebook messages

You hav eblessed me so much


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Contact information.

The Partnership office is open:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am to 1pm.

Wednesday 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Thursday Closed.

The office number is 01793 874221.

There will always be an up to date message on the Partnership Office telephone giving any changes.

The office e-mail is:

To publicise any News or Events in the next edition of Partnership News, covering July/August please send them to the office no later than 18 June.

The address for correspondence is:

The Partnership Office, Holy Trinity Church, Shaw Village Centre, SWINDON, SN5 5PY.

The editor’s email address is also

The Partnership web site is

Partnership Team Minister: Revd Capt Clive Deverell

Email: Clive Tel: 01793 877111

(Anglican Priest and Authorised to Serve in the Methodist and the URC Church)

Assistant Minister: Rev Trevor Day

Email Trevor Tel: 01793 875373

Mobile: 07918 125826

(Anglican Priest)

Partnership Youth Worker: Claire Camm

Email Claire Tel: 07981 951381

Partnership Primary Age Schools Worker: Gayle Bryon

Email Gayle

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