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In Partnership, May 2018

Looking outwards and growing together

Multi-coloured clouds, with bible verses telling the story of the resurrection.

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Resurrection - What it means for us today.

While I was in the middle of my six-weeks of my “Lenten fasting” [eg enabling others to give up chocolate and to allow me to take away from them the temptation to eat it; …by my eating it for them] a fellow student at STETS [aka: vicar school 2009-12] high-lighted an article (written several years ago) about, what Jesus Christ's Resurrection should/could/might/would mean for us today.

I know it might sound a bit flippant, the way I talk about Lent, but so often it seems that we get very urgent, uptight and almost pious about our “Lenten fasting” … including those extra things we do during Lent, that otherwise, we wouldn’t normally do.

It's a bit like, when I was in the Cubs and Scouts, there seemed to be times in the year [just before we were to receive our next promotion to sixer or patrol leader] when we would aim to “do a good deed” for someone and then note it in our Log-Books. That’s all very good and plausible … but what about the rest of the year!?

To live our lives as Jesus has demanded of us … to live our lives in a way, for which Jesus died and then rose again for us, to know that we can be forgiven our sins, because of the sacrifice that Jesus suffered for each and every one of us … is what we need to be doing all the time.

Oh yes! That highlighted article, to which I referred, is by Father Richard Rohr [an American Fransiscan Friar of our time] … I touched on it at Westlea and Cricklade in mid-April … It’s broadly about, how we practice Resurrection “Now”. There are Twelve key points, and not surprisingly; they encompass the God's Ten Commandments and Jesus's re-affirmation and re-inforcement of those commands in the context of Jesus's and our time. The following is a sort of pot-pourri of some of the key points …

Remember that they are for all the time … not just during Lent …

All very obvious … of course … yet, all so often, very forgotten and ignored!

Gracious Lord, shield us from the temptations of envy, greed, anger, hatred and bitterness … and from our weakness to speak the truth and to speak out against unjustice. Give us courage in the face of opposition, when we know that there is work to be done in the name of Christ. Look with compassion on those, who at this time are suffering for their faith and turn the hearts of their persecutors. Amen


Messy church. Paint splats and painty handprints

Holy Trinity Church, Shaw 4:00 - 5:30 pm.

2nd Sunday of each Month

This is an opportunity for all the family to enjoy being creative together, to celebrate God through craft activities, stories and song and to share a light meal together. Above all to have fun. Including a light supper, worship, craft, stories and plenty of fun!.

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Regular activities.

EventTime, @Venue
2nd Sunday each month
Messy Church13 May 4-5:30pm @Shaw
Every Monday
After School Youth Group 3:30 - 6:00 pm @ Holy Trinity Shaw
Every Tuesday
Bell ringing7-9pm, St Mary's Bell Tower
2nd Wednesday of each month
Mothers Union9 May. 2pm @St Mary's Stable Room
Every Thursday
Toothill Tinies10-11:30am @Toothill
HTS Homegroup led by Sue GreenThursday 7:30 pm
Toothill Homegroup led by Jan Partridge3rd Monday of each month 2:30 pm
Westlea Homegroup led by Pete GilderAlternate Tuesdays 8:00 pm

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New Wine - United 18.

Week 1: July 28, 9am - Aug 3, 11pm

Week 2: Aug 5, 9am - Aug 11, 11pm

Royal bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet

Half week tickets are being sold for Week 2 this year.

The mission of New Wine is to see local churches playing their part in changing nations.

The church was established on the promise of change – of hearts, families, communities, cities – that the entire history of humanity and the earth itself would be changed by those swept up in this movement of God. The reality of change is rooted in the reality of God's promise that he will work in and through our lives. This is a cause for celebration!

To book for either or for more information visit

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Vibrant Christianity in Multifaith Britain.

By Andrew Smith, BRF £7.99

Vibrant Christianity in Multifaith Britain by Andrew Smith. A street scene with many people, evidently of many cultures

Andrew Smith tackles the big questions about interfaith relations in contemporary Britain.

Drawing on wide-ranging personal experience, deep friendships and extensive biblical reflection, he comes to challenging conclusions about the way all Christians are called to relate to their neighbours of other faiths.

He mines the teaching and example of Jesus and finds no conflict between loving our neighbours of all faiths as ourselves, and loving God with all our strength, mind and heart.

Exploring the meaning of dialogue, witness and evangelism, Smith is forthright about ulterior motives and the need for transparency. ‘It's really important that we hear this news that our calling is to love our neighbour and then to serve them unconditionally as an end in itself… What people make of our serving is between them and God,’ he argues, and then adds a further challenge: ‘Before we can critique or reflect on other cultures… we need to be ready and willing to do the same with our own, which is a much more difficult task.’.

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Thy Kingdom Come. Asking us to make a pledge to pray. Many events are planned for days of 10th May to 20th May
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Thy Kingdom Come. Timetable of prayer events.
DatePrayer ActivityVenue and Time
Thursday 10 MayLaunch Event
Prayers of our Community
Holy Trinity, Shaw
Friday 11 MayMorning Prayer
Pray as a Partnership
Holy Trinity, Shaw
Saturday 12 MayPrayer Safari
A guided time of walking and praying
Pray 'n' Walk together
Toothill-Westlea-Shaw-St Marys
Start at Toothill
At 10am
Sunday 13 MayMessy Church
Pray for the world
Holy Trinity, Shaw
Monday 14 MayGlobal Prayers
Pray as a family
Pray wherever you are
Use the resources available
Tuesday 15 MayEvening Prayers
Pray with the sound of bells
St Mary's Church
Wednesday 16 MayWalk in your Community
Pray and share
Local churches
Thusday 17 MayToothill Tinies
Pray with little people
Toothill Church
Friday 18 MayFriday Club
Pray with energy
Toothill Church
Saturday 19 MayWeekend Prayers
Pray with friends and family
Get your friends together to pray
Sun 20 MayPartnership Service
Pray and Celebrate
Westlea Church

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Raise funds for a trip to Kampala, Uganda.

Trip is in July/August 2018

Cycle ride is Sat 5th and Sun 6th May

A group of young people from the diocese, from areas that would be designated as areas of urban deprivation, are taking part.

The trip is a prototype for future visits and is organised in conjunction with Dan Jones and three youth workers from Sea Mills, Eastville and Pinehurst in Swindon.

If it proves successful and valuable for the young people involved we would hope to be able to repeat it on a wider basis for young people from other areas of the diocese who would not normally have the opportunity to do a trip like this.

Without the help of the wider diocese they may not be able to raise the money they need for this trip. We are planning a sponsored cycle ride for Saturday the 5th May and Sunday 6th May where we will try to visit as many churches as possible within the three deaneries that the young people have been drawn from. Currently we have raised just over £8,000 and need to raise another £16,000 before August so this is a significant time for us. We will be cycling 80 miles from St Andrew's Church, Avonmouth and ending up at the Pinehurst Academy on the Sunday afternoon. On the way we will be visiting 31 different churches. The Partnership churches en-route are:

ChurchTime Arrive/LeaveDistance (Running total)Cycling Time (Running total)
St Mary's, Lydiard Tregoze10:44/10:551.7 miles (28.7)9 min (2:54)
Holy Trinity, Shaw11:01/11:101.1 miles (29.8)6 min (3:00)
Toothill Church11:22/11:252.0 miles (31.8)12 min (3:12)
Please come out to greet us and cheer us on when we arrive at three of your churches from around 10.45 am on Sunday 6th May, and pose for a photo to prove we were there that would be great and then send us on with a prayer.

Also please visit our Virgin Giving page where you can read more about the trip and, if appropriate, arrange a small fund raising event or coffee morning for them.

Please find out about the team and pray for them by reading the news article on the diocesan website.

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10 May - Ascension Day

40 Days with the Risen Christ

40 days after Easter comes Ascension Day. These are the 40 days during which the Risen Christ appeared again and again to His disciples, following His death and resurrection. (Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; and John 20.)

The Gospels give us little of Christ's teachings and deeds during those 40 days. Jesus was seen by numerous of His disciples: on the road to Emmaus, by the Sea of Galilee, in houses, etc. He strengthened and encouraged His disciples, and at last opened their eyes to all that the Scriptures had promised about the Messiah. Jesus also told them that as the Father had sent Him, He was now going to send them - to all corners of the earth, as His witnesses.

Surely the most tender, moving ‘farewell’ in history took place on Ascension Day. Luke records the story with great poignancy: “When Jesus had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, He lifted up His hands - and blessed them.”

As Christmas began the story of Jesus' life on earth, so Ascension Day completes it, with His return to His Father in heaven. Jesus' last act on earth was to bless His disciples. He and they had a bond as close as could be: they had just lived through three tumultuous years of public ministry and miracles – persecution and death – and resurrection! Just as we part from our nearest and dearest by still looking at them with love and memories in our eyes, so exactly did Jesus: ‘While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up into heaven.’ (Luke 24:50-1) He was not forsaking them, but merely going on ahead to a kingdom which would also be theirs one day: ‘I am ascending to my Father and to your Father, to my God and your God…’ (John 20:17)

The disciples were surely the most favoured folk in history. Imagine being one of the last few people on earth to be face to face with Jesus, and have Him look on you with love. No wonder then that Luke goes on: ‘they worshipped Him - and returned to Jerusalem with great joy. And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God.’ (Luke 24:52,53)

wonder they praised God! They knew they would see Jesus again one day! ‘I am going to prepare a place for you… I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.’ (John 14:2,3) In the meantime, Jesus had work for them to do: to take the Gospel to every nation on earth.

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Church Services in the Partnership.

St Mary’s, Lydiard Tregoze.

6 May10:00 amMorning Service
13 May10:00 amCommunion
20 May10:00 amPartnership Service at Westlea
27 May10:00 amCommunion

Holy Trinity Shaw.

6 May10:30 amMorning Service (Communion)
13 May10:30 amAll Age Service
4.00 pmMessy Church
20 May10:00 amPartnership Service at Westlea
27 May10:30 amAll Age Service
8:45am Morning Prayer on Fridays during term time


6 May10:30 amAll Age Service
13 May10:30 amCommunion
20 May10:00 amPartnership Service at Westlea
27 May10:30 amMorning Service

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6 May10:00 amMorning Service
13 May10:00 amAll Age Service
20 May10:00 amPartnership Service
27 May10:00 amAll Age Service

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Thy Kingdom Come.

Launch 10 May 7:45pm at Holy Trinity, Shaw

Thy Kingdom Come logo - a stylised labyrinth

Thy Kindom Come is a global prayer movement that began in the Church of England in 2016. The Archbishop of Canterbury is inviting people around the world to join the movement. The events run 10 May - 20 May with various activities happening each day around the Partnership.

On Saturday 12thMay there will be a prayer safari walking between the four churches, stopping for prayer stations and refreshments at each.

To take part you can sign up and ‘pledge to pray’ on the Thy Kingdom Come website

Public Affirmation of Faith and Confirmation

Sunday 17 June 2018

St Paul's Covingham

The service at will take place late afternoon/early evening.

If anyone wishes to be confirmed the first meeting will take place at 3.00pm on Sunday 15th of April at the Stable Room next to St Mary's.

Further details please contact Clive.

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From the Registers.

4 April 2018Mrs Angelique Louise Evans
Marriage Blessings
13 April 2018Raymond Stanley and Helen Wendy Curtin


An end to the conflict that has blighted Central African Republic for many years, as violence breaks out between UN forces and armed groups.

Thy Kingdom Come launching on 10 May.

Week beginning 06.05.18 - The Church of Christ the Servant Abbey Meads

Week beginning 13.05.18 - St Johns Haydon Wick

Week beginning 20.05.18 - West Swindon LEP

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Contact information.

The Partnership office is open:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am to 1pm.

Wednesday 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Thursday Closed.

The office number is 01793 874221.

There will always be an up to date message on the Partnership Office telephone giving any changes.

The office e-mail is:

To publicise any News or Events in the next edition of Partnership News, covering January please send them to the office no later than 20 May.

The address for correspondence is:

The Partnership Office, Holy Trinity Church, Shaw Village Centre, SWINDON, SN5 5PY.

The editor’s email address is also

Events advertised may not, on occasion, fully represent the views of the Partnership

The Partnership web site is

Partnership Minister;: Revd Capt Clive Deverell

Email: Clive Tel: 01793 877111

(Anglican Priest, CofE Swindon Area Dean. Authorised to Serve in the Methodist and the URC Church)

Assistant Minister: Rev Trevor Day

Email Trevor Tel: 01793 875373

Mobile: 07918 125826

(Anglican Priest)

Partnership Youth Missioner: Claire Camm

Email Claire Tel: 07981 951381

Partnership Schools Missioner: Gayle Bryon

Email Gayle

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