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In Partnership, July/August 2018

Looking outwards and growing together

Many coloured flowers. Summer, a time to reach your neighbours. Matt 22:39.

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When trouble strikes.

When trouble strikes, what is your reaction? Do you ‘hunker down’ or ‘head for the hills’? Or maybe, do you take the path of keeping going but trusting in Jesus to give you strength, courage and comfort, rather than relying on your own resources?

It takes a long time to learn this pathway, but I think that I am, at last, beginning to understand it. The trouble is that sometimes when we are ‘going through it’, it’s not always easy to pray, to attend church or get together with other Christians; all of which activities keep the fire of our faith burning. Then we can become drained of spiritual energy and begin to rely on our own resources again, becoming depressed and vulnerable to temptation.

Over the last year I have discovered two ways of ‘connecting to God’ which have become extremely important to me, both in maintaining and developing my awareness and understanding of God. I offer them here as potential helps – there are many others out there too.

The first is the HTB Bible in One Year app: . You can download the app onto your device or receive daily emails with the readings and commentary for that day. There is also an audio commentary. The commentary is written by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, Nicky is Vicar of HTB and pioneer of Alpha. All the Bible readings for that day are given so you don't need to have a Bible with you – great if you're travelling or on holiday. I have completed a whole year using the app and feel that my Bible knowledge and understanding has grown a lot; my faith has definitely been deepened.

The second is listening to Christian worship music via Youtube. There is so much Christian music you can play and download for free on a smartphone or tablet. Often when I am cooking or ironing I play music through Youtube and instead of spending that time worrying about whatever is causing me anxiety, I am lifted into God's presence by the Holy Spirit through music. I often play Christian music through this means before starting Bible reading as a way to draw me into God's presence and away from distractions. Some songs which I have recently discovered, which I have grown to love are:

You can change

Yesterday the Bible in One Year message was all about ‘change’. I found that it spoke to me and thought it might be helpful for others too, so have reprinted it below.

There was a woman who lived on the streets near Holy Trinity Brompton church. She would ask for money and react aggressively to those who refused. When she died, Nicky Gumbel (Vicar) took the funeral and he discovered afterwards that she had inherited a large fortune. She had acquired a luxurious flat and many valuable paintings, but she chose to live on the streets with her plastic bags full of rubbish. She could not bring herself to leave behind the life she knew and she never enjoyed her inheritance. Some people are afraid of change, while others believe change is not possible. Yet the wonderful news is that with God's help we can change. This change is key to spiritual life, growth and transformation. ‘This seems to be a relevant message not just to us as individuals, but corporately as a church partnership.

In a book, Landmarks (Landmarks by Margaret Silf. pub Darton Longman & Todd, 1998), which some of us are following on Ignatian spirituality, St Ignatius talks about ‘The Law of Detachment’. That is, becoming free of those things which we hold on too tightly, fearful of what change may follow if we let go. They may be good things, positive things which have served us well in the past; but are now things which are keeping us bound up and full up, unable to be free to receive the new thing God wants to fill us with and move us onto. Ignatius offers us the following questions to ponder which can point us to what attitudes or activities might be preventing our growth and transformation:

What are we holding on to too tightly?

What are we fearful of changing?

What do we feel we need desperately to keep for our well-being?

These are the things which will be restricting us from seeking the fullness of life God desires for us.

Let’s pray for open hearts, minds and spirits to receive transforming power.

Blessings in Christ,


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Regular activities.

EventTime, @Venue
2nd Sunday each month
Messy Church8 July & 12 Aug 4-5:30pm @Shaw
Every Monday
After School Youth Group Last one 16 July 2018. None in August
4:30 - 6:00 pm @ Holy Trinity Shaw
Every Tuesday
Bell ringing7-9pm, St Mary's Bell Tower
2nd Wednesday of each month
Mothers Union12 July & 8 Aug. 2pm @St Mary's Stable Room
Every Thursday
Toothill Tinies10-11:30am @Toothill
HTS Homegroup led by Sue GreenThursday 7:30 pm
Toothill Homegroup led by Jan Partridge3rd Monday of each month 2:30 pm
Westlea Homegroup led by Pete GilderAlternate Tuesdays 8:00 pm

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Strawberry teas at St Marys. Sunday afternoons in June and July
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Emerge Youth Project News.

Ruby slippers. Emerge Summer show The Wizard of Oz. Sat 7 July 4pm at Shaw Church.

The main focus at Saturday club this term has been preparing for our end of term Summer Show, “The Wizard of Oz”, see details above. All the young people have taken part in script-writing and set design and are performing in dance, music and drama sections. They have also been involved in discussions about the charity focus for the Show, which is TWIGS Community Gardens. This is a therapeutic garden project at Cheney Manor, helping people overcome stress, depression and other health issues. They also have an associated café, ‘The Olive Tree’ which one of our young people has recently started working at. The fundraising aspect of the emerge project is an extremely important part of what we do, empowering the young people through helping others and raising their awareness of community and world issues. Christian teaching and reflection fits well into this area of our programme. Over the last academic year we have raised £905 for three different charities – Comic Relief; Guide Dogs; and Tearfund's Toilet Twinning. Over the 10 years of emerge we have raised in the region of £7,000.

On Mondays, we have welcomed Maddy onto the Leadership team and it's been great to watch her steadily growing in confidence. We have said ‘goodbye’ to Lindsay this term as she finishes her 3 years of DOE Award Scheme with us and heads off to new horizons. We are very grateful for all her support. Developing leadership skills has always been a fundamental aim of the emerge project and it's very gratifying to know that we have played a part in young peoples' growth in this area; as well as benefiting ourselves as a project from their support.

Relationships with families have strengthened over the year through our weekly contacts and through community meals and events (eg, Christmas Show, Easter Feast) and we hope to hold a joint late summer BBQ in conjunction with primary school families which Gayle is linked to.

Additionally, Gayle and I have met to plan other initiatives including a ‘Pilgrimage’ session for some local primary schools year 6, preparing to move up to secondary school.

New areas of work are being planned for the Autumn term in partnership with local secondary schools.

Please continue to hold us in your prayers. Thanks.

Claire Camm

When it was Mrs Wilson's turn to do the flower arrangements, she always kept the vicar's hay fever in mind - A large vase of flowers arranged to form the words, Bless You.
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Summer Serenade. St Marys. Sat 14th July 7:30pm. £5
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15th July St Swithun (or Swithin).

saint for a rainy day

St. Swithun is apparently the saint you can blame for rainy summers. It is said that if it rains on his special day, 15th July, it will then rain for 40 days after that. It all began when Swithun was made Bishop of Winchester in 852 by King Ethelwulf of Wessex. It was an important posting: Winchester was the capital of Wessex, and during the 10 years Swithun was there, Wessex became the most important kingdom of England.

During his life, instead of washing out people's summer holidays, and damping down their spirits, Swithun seems to have done a lot of good. He was famous for his charitable gifts and for his energy in getting churches built. When he was dying in 862, he asked that he be buried in the cemetery of the Old Minster, just outside the west door.

If he had been left there in peace, who knows how many rainy summers the English may have been spared over the last 1000 years. But, no, it was decided to move Swithun. By now, the 960s, Winchester had become the first monastic cathedral chapter in England, and the newly installed monks wanted Swithun in the cathedral with them. So finally, on 15 July 971, his bones were dug up and Swithun was translated into the cathedral.

That same day many people claimed to have had miraculous cures. Certainly everyone got wet, for the heavens opened. The unusually heavy rain that day, and on the days following, was attributed to the power of St Swithun. Swithun was moved again in 1093, into the new Winchester cathedral. His shrine was a popular place of pilgrimage throughout the middle ages. The shrine was destroyed during the Reformation and restored in 1962. There are 58 ancient dedications to Swithun in England.


On the way to church to make his first Confession, my nervous seven-year-old grandson asked me what he could expect. ‘Confession is where you tell all the bad things you’ve done to the priest,’ I told him.

He looked relieved. ‘Good. I don’t think I've done anything bad to the priest.’

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Church Services in the Partnership.

St Mary’s, Lydiard Tregoze.

1 July10:00 amMorning Service
8 July10:00 amCommunion
15 July10:00 amFamily Service followed by Baptism
22 July10:00 amCommunion
29 July10:00 amCommunion
5 August * 10:00 amCommunion at St Mary's
10:00 amFamily Service at Westlea
12 August10:30 amCommunion at HTS
10:30 amFamily Service at Toothill
19 August10:00 amFamily Service at St Mary's
10:00 amCommunion at Westlea
26 August10:30 amMorning Service at HTS
10:30 amCommunion at Toothill

* We are following the same arrangement as last year for August 2018. Each church will have 2 Morning Services within the month

29 July 2018. 4:45 at St Mary's Holy Habits briefing
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Holy Trinity Shaw.

1 July10:30 amCommunion
8 July10:30 amAll Age Service
4.00 pmMessy Church
15 July10:30 amMorning Service
7:00 pmEncounter
22 July10:30 amAll Age Service
29 July10:30 amSpecial
5 August * 10:00 amCommunion at St Mary's
10:00 amFamily Service at Westlea
12 August10:30 amCommunion at HTS
10:30 amFamily Service at Toothill
12 August4.00 pmMessy Church
19 August10:00 amFamily Service at St Mary's
10:00 amCommunion at Westlea
26 August10:30 amMorning Service at HTS
10:30 amCommunion at Toothill
8:45am Morning Prayer on Fridays during term time

Public Affirmation of Faith and Confirmation

Sunday 15 July 2018

Please note changed date

St Paul's Covingham

The service at will take place at 4.00 pm.

Come and support the candidates at this very important Service

I have held thee in the palm of my hand. Isaiah 51:16.

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1 July10:30 amAll Age Service
8 July10:30 amCommunion
15 July10:30 amMorning Service
22 July10:30 amMorning Service
29 July10:30 amMorning Service
5 August * 10:00 amCommunion at St Mary's
10:00 amFamily Service at Westlea
12 August10:30 amCommunion at HTS
10:30 amFamily Service at Toothill
19 August10:00 amFamily Service at St Mary's
10:00 amCommunion at Westlea
26 August10:30 amMorning Service at HTS
10:30 amCommunion at Toothill


1 July10:00 amMorning Service
8 July10:00 amFamily Service
15 July10:00 amCommunion
22 July10:00 amAll Age Service
29 July10:00 amFamily Service
5 August * 10:00 amCommunion at St Mary's
10:00 amFamily Service at Westlea
12 August10:30 amCommunion at HTS
10:30 amFamily Service at Toothill
19 August10:00 amFamily Service at St Mary's
10:00 amCommunion at Westlea
26 August10:30 amMorning Service at HTS
10:30 amCommunion at Toothill

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For thoes who have a heart for our Partnership Children's Youth and Family Mission. Sun 22 July 5pm at St Mary's
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70 years of the National Health Service.

The National Health Service began operating 70 years ago, on 5th July 1948, when Sylvia Beckingham, 13, was admitted to hospital in Manchester to be treated for a liver condition.

It was the climax of a hugely ambitious plan by Labour Health Secretary Aneurin Bevan to bring good health care free to all at the point of delivery. The health service would be available to everyone and financed entirely from taxation, which meant that people paid into it according to their means.

It was based on a report by William Beveridge in 1942. The problem with it remains the huge increase in costs resulting from, among other things, advances in medical science, drugs and machinery.

As Andy McSmith wrote in The Independent ten years ago: “It seems no amount of money will satisfy the infinite demand for better NHS care.”

Within a few years prescription charges were introduced, as well as a charge for dental treatment. The current prescription charge is £8.80 per item, and dental charges are huge.

Saving the NHS seems to be a national preoccupation in the 21st century. The Christian Medical Fellowship is campaigning to emphasise the vital and radical need for Christians within it.

National day of Prayer.

Sat 4th August

Praying for peace from 4 Aug to 11 Nov

Poppy theme. Remembrance 100 years. 100 days. 2 minutes

One hundred years on from a National Day of Prayer called by King George V, this will be the first day of 100 days of prayer across the country, running until Armistice Day in November.

Every Day there will prayers and actions for peace. You can sign up to take part and spend just a few minutes of your day, adding your prayers to those of tens of thousands more. For more information contact the HOPE office

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A Plastic Revolution.

The recent Blue Planet II series exposed just how much plastic waste is an issue in our seas. The Prime Minister has called plastic waste ‘one of the great environmental scourges of our time.’ The best estimates suggest 10 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans, contaminating and killing sea life. How should we view this issue from a Christian perspective?

When God created the universe, He saw ‘everything He had made, and indeed, it was very good.’ (Genesis 1:31). He calls us to share in His care of creation: ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the ground.’ (Genesis 1:28). Our rule over living creatures is not an excuse to exploit them in a selfish way. As those who made in the image of God, we are entrusted to care for them with responsibility and trustworthiness.

Why do the sea creatures being killed by plastic matter? Because of human rebellion against God (see Genesis 3), our relationship with God and His creation was damaged. No longer do we live with living creatures in harmony and interdependence. Yet after the flood, when Noah rescued the animals in the ark, they are included in God’s everlasting promise to protect the earth: ‘I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you, and with every living creature that was with you.’ (Genesis 9:9,10). This also points to God's cosmic plan to restore all creation to Himself.

What is our response to be? Where is God calling us, as His people in this time and place, to make a stand in protecting His creation? Time for a plastic revolution?

Funeral perparation

Not long after I arrived to be curate at a small church in a village, the phone rang, and a man asked for the minister. He wanted to know which Scripture verses applied to funeral services. I gave him several references, and he jotted them down. ‘But what about the “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” part?’ he asked. I read it to him slowly.

Then, intending to offer him some sympathy, as well as to take the funeral for him, I gently inquired who had died. He sighed. ‘My daughter's rabbit’.

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Wild and Wooly Yarns. Tue 31 July and Wed 1 Aug at St Mary's
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What happened when one person prayed for a baby…

When did you start praying for the children of your friends? Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, thanks God that someone prayed for him before he was even born – in the hope that he would one day become a Christian.

The Archbishop told the story during a recent short film on the Thy Kingdom Come initiative. He said that after he had become a Christian, he had ‘learned that there was a particular person who prayed for me every week – since I was conceived – that I might become a disciple of Christ.’

He concluded: ‘I cannot tell you how grateful I am to them.’

The film can be seen online

News of Christian films coming to cinemas.

God's not Dead: A Light in Darkness

is due to open on 13th July.

This is a sequel to God's not Dead and God's not Dead 2 which played in UK cinemas four and two years ago.



is scheduled to open on 21st September.

You may like to plan a sermon series on Samson to coincide with the film's UK cinema release.


You can watch both trailers by visiting

Final cinema details and performance times will be on cinema websites the Tuesday before each film opens.

Glyndebourne - Saul

has a one-off Event Screening at 120 cinemas across Britain including Swindon's Regent Circus Cineworld on Thurs. 26th July only at 6.30pm.

Handel's oratorio is turned into an amazing baroque opera telling Saul's story from the death of Goliath to his own demise at Mount Gilboa.  It includes Handel's famous funeral march and will be a spectacular evening filmed at Glyndebourne's glorious opera house in the Sussex downs.

“It's a knockout that brings the work blazingly alive”  - Daily Telegraph

For details and to book go to:

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Westpoint Christian Festival, Exeter.

Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th August 2018.

Westpoint is a fantastic opportunity for churches from across the UK and further afield to gather together for times of worship, teaching and lots of fun.

In the summer of 2017, thousands of people from all walks of life gathered in Devon to encounter God and enjoy friendship together. In 2018, thousands will gather again, so whatever your age and whatever your church, Westpoint is for you and is an event not to be missed.

Though run by Commission, Westpoint is for anyone and everyone who wishes to know Jesus more and build community with other churches. Commission is an international family of churches led by Guy Miller and his team. We work together to care for and plant churches, raise leaders, reach the nations and work with the poor.

For further information Telephone: 01202 612130

Email: events (at) commission-together (dot) org

Ticket information:

Sing a Musical in a Day!

Saturday 29 Sept 2018 at 10am

Cricklade United Church, Calcutt St, Cricklade, Swindon SN6 6AZ

On Saturday 29 September 2018 at Cricklade United Church we are offering the opportunity to sing a musical in a day!

Led by Christian Music Ministries - Conductor Annie Routley – we are intending to put on Jarius' Daughter composed by Roger Jones. The day starts with tea/coffee at 10am and is followed by workshops culminating in a performance at 6pm.

Singers and musicians of all levels are all welcome. The performance is free and all are invited to come and see and hear the finished event. We ran a similar day last year and it was a great success, much enjoyed by all who participated.

Further details nearer the time

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From the Registers.

3 June 2018Victoria Peggy & Darcey Elizabeth Hewer
10 June 2018Esme Sofia Shumer
24 June 2018Ronnie John James


refugees around the world

God of rescue,

We thank you for your love – a love that knows no walls.

We cry out on behalf of refugees around the world: protect them as they travel; keep them safe from danger and ill-treatment; comfort and heal them in their distress.

Move the hearts of political leaders around the world; give them a sense of compassion and justice; and help us all to create a world in which no one has to be a refugee.


A prayer by Gideon Heugh.

Week beginning 01.07.18 - St Mary's Roman Catholic Rodbourne Cheney

Week beginning 08.07.18 - Swindon Community Church meeting at Bridlewood School

Week beginning 15.07.18 - Kingdom House Ministries meeting at Red House Community Centre

Week beginning 22.07.18 - St Andrews Anglican Blunsdon

Week beginning 29.07.18 - United Apostolic Church meeting at Christ the Servant Abbey Meads

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Contact information.

The Partnership office is open:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am to 1pm.

Wednesday 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Thursday Closed.

The office number is 01793 874221.

There will always be an up to date message on the Partnership Office telephone giving any changes.

The office e-mail is:

To publicise any News or Events in the next edition of Partnership News, covering September please send them to the office no later than 20 August.

The address for correspondence is:

The Partnership Office, Holy Trinity Church, Shaw Village Centre, SWINDON, SN5 5PY.

The editor’s email address is also

Events advertised may not, on occasion, fully represent the views of the Partnership

The Partnership web site is

Partnership Minister;: Revd Capt Clive Deverell

Email: Clive Tel: 01793 877111

(Anglican Priest, CofE Swindon Area Dean. Authorised to Serve in the Methodist and the URC Church)

Assistant Minister: Rev Trevor Day

Email Trevor Tel: 01793 875373

Mobile: 07918 125826

(Anglican Priest)

Partnership Curate: Rev Teresa Townsend

Email Teresa Mobile: 07464 272894

Partnership Youth Missioner: Claire Camm

Email Claire Tel: 07981 951381

Partnership Schools Missioner: Gayle Bryon

Email Gayle

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