West Swindon and The Lydiards Church Partnership


9. Premises.

9.1 The Partnership shall oversee the buildings of the Partnership through the Local Churches. The buildings comprise :

9.2 Where a building is shared, arrangements for maintenance are governed by the relevant Sharing Agreement. In this context the Joint Council, as defined in the Sharing Agreement, may delegate its day to day management functions to the Partnership Council. In each case this shall be by formal decision, not by default. The Joint Council shall meet when new capital money is to be raised, or proposals to buy or sell land or property are considered.

Primary responsibility for care and maintenance of all church buildings shall lie with the Local Church. Regular inspection of shared and non shared buildings shall be governed by the procedures of the owning Parent Body.

Where there is any perceived conflict between the terms of this Constitution and a Sharing Agreement, the Sharing Agreement shall take precedence.

9.3 The Toothill Manse is a shared building owned by the United Reformed Church, and covered by a legal Sharing Agreement. Maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the Joint Council, which may delegate this function to the Partnership Council (9.2 above).

9.4 The Local Church at Westlea has no premises and normally meets in Westlea School. It has an external storage facility located at Westlea School. Care and maintenance is the responsibility of Westlea Church.

9.5 Any structural changes to any church building, or related capital expenditure, shall be subject to prior approval of the owning Parent Body, as required by the Sharing Agreement.

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