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Congregational meetings, (with commentary)

9) There shall be the following kinds of Congregational Meeting of the Charity:

10) Congregational Meetings shall be convened by or on behalf of the Trustees, either:

11) An Annual Congregational Meeting must be held within 12 months of the adoption of this Constitution and once in every subsequent calendar year.

12) The business of an Annual Congregational Meeting is to:

13) An Ordinary Congregational Meeting shall be convened on not less than three occasions in each calendar year in each of the 4 churches.

14) The business of an Ordinary Congregational Meeting is to:

15) A Special Congregational Meeting may be called at any time by the Trustees and must be called by them within 21 days after receiving a written request from at least one-tenth of the Members for the time being.

16) In the case of a Special Congregational Meeting the notice of the meeting must include an indication of the business to be transacted.

17) The business of a Special Congregational Meeting shall comprise that referred to in thenotice convening it and no other

18) No business shall be conducted at any Congregational Meeting unless at least one-quarter of the number of Members for the time being (if greater), are present.

19) The chair of the Trustees or (if the chair is unable or unwilling to do so) some other Member elected by those present shall preside at any Congregational Meeting.

20) Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, every issue at a Congregational Meeting shall be determined by a simple majority of votes cast by the Members present and voting.

21) Except for the chair of the meeting, who in the case of an equality of votes has a second or casting vote, every Member present in person at any Congregational Meeting is entitled to one vote on every issue.

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